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Copywriting for Photographers

As a professional photographer and business owner myself, I specialize in writing and marketing for photographers, specifically in terms of search engine optimization (SEO).

I’ve been in the photography industry for 20 years — going back to the film days. I have photographed about 400 weddings, thousands of portrait sessions, and hundreds of headshots, and more than half of that business came from people searching the web for a local photographer.

Now, I am helping other photographers achieve the same success — for some this means a complete do-over, for others, only a push in the right direction is required. No matter where you stand in that spectrum, I can work with you.

If you are a little embarrassed by your current website but don’t know where to start, I can offer a step by step plan to improve your content, and then implement it, to get you back to a site you are proud of again.

Maybe you like how your site looks, but you never get any inquiries from Google searches, and Facebook leads are a bunch of tire kickers. You have the content, but it doesn't seem to be getting seen. I know where to put the information to get your site noticed if the terms "title" and "meta description" make you shudder.

SEO for Wedding and Portrait PhotographersPhoto by Cliff Mautner

Services Offered

Copywriting and Content Creation

I will research keywords, your competitors, and your locale, and we will work together to define your target clientele and demographic. I will create and share online documents that we can collaborate on until your message is clear. Your homepage, services and specialties, about me, and contact pages will all be tailored to how you work and written to your audience. The tone will differ if you photograph children’s portraits or corporate events, and will reflect your personality.

Image Titles

The task the majority of photographers stress the most about — a unique but relevant title for each photo on your website — is a huge influence on your site ranking. Every title needs to include important keywords and be descriptive, yet remain under 55 characters. If this sounds like painstaking work, you can hire me to do it.

Website Set-Up and Implementation

Specializing in Good Gallery sites, I can populate your content and images, and enter all the things in the all the right places to get that Google Juice. If you already have your site created but need help with cleaning it up and making it more consistent, I can reorganize and refresh your content for better usability and search engine visibility.

It’s time to step up your game and get noticed online. Check out some examples, view my pricing, and then let’s get started!
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