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Jerry Ghionis, a leader in the photography industry, needs no introduction to most photographers, but needed some help showing up on searches for inquiring clients. Aside from a biography and list of his awards, there was NO CONTENT written on his site when I started on it in the end of June. He ranked for a little over 100 keywords, but most were not relevant to his services.

This was an extensive job – I wrote over 40,000 words total, titled 1400 images, reorganized his site structure, fixed typography and headers, and made sure every single page has a title, meta description, H1 tag, and a call to action.

Six months later, he ranks for 1,500 keywords, and reports new inquiries EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Most people won't move to the top this quickly, but Jerry has a lot of backlinks (sites linking to his), which drastically helps rankings. He's also Jerry.

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Here are some of his ranking phrases before I started: notice "3D room render" - it turns out a stock image he purchased to show wall art was already captioned as a 3d room rendering, so he ranked for that!

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Are you like Jerry Ghionis, where you have a site full of beautiful images but no content written? Contact me today and let's discuss a plan for your website.

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