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Just like your camera and lenses, your website is an important money-making tool. When the first new client finds and books you from the work I've done, it has already paid for itself.

Copywriting and Content Creation

$0.10 per word

Writing of website text — Homepage, Services, Information, About, blog posts, articles, etc. — tailored to how you work and written to your target audience. The price includes the necessary keyword research.

Applies to all the words in the text areas on text, gallery, video, or visual menu pages, as well as image content for each image within your galleries.

How Do I Title an Image for SEO?

Image Titles

$1.00 per title

Does the thought of adding a title to every image in each of your galleries make you want to cry inside? Image titles are one of the most important things to complete on your Good Gallery site if you want to see some quick ranking results but to many photographers, it's a daunting task.

Let me help you check that item off your website to-do list. I can do all of your titles with descriptions for $1 each. 100 images? 100 bucks. 256 photos? 256 dollars. I will have them finished in a few days, and you can sit back and relax or spend that time on your client work.

Every title will be unique and have relevant keywords to increase your online visibility.

Website Implementation & Optimization

Implementation can involve building your website — adding your text and images into the pages — or a website clean-up — rearranging and reorganizing your existing content. Visual changes focus on usability, aesthetics, and having a unified look across the site. Behind the scenes, your keywords and keyword phrases are implemented into your pages' titles and content, allowing you to increase your rankings. Any changes that enhance the user experience or the search engine visibility, either aesthetically or by entering text, is considered optimization.

Work beyond the included amount of pages is billed at $50 per hour or $1 each additional image title.

Flat Rate Packages:


For New or Small Sites

Up to 10 Pages

+100 Image Titles


Most Average-Sized Sites

Up to 25 Pages

+150 Image Titles


For Extensive Sites with Lots of Content

Up to 50 Pages

+200 Image Titles

Price Includes:

  • Adding Logos and Favicon
  • Adding New Pages
  • Populating Text
  • Adding Images to Text Pages
  • Navigation Menu
  • Content Typography
  • Header Tags and Typography
  • Page Titles
  • Page Meta Descriptions
  • Contact Forms
  • Pricing Tables
  • Visual Menu Pages
  • Calls to Action Buttons
  • Thumbnail Grid Customization

What does this stuff mean?
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