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Pre-Optimization Checklist

Before we start optimizing your site for search engines, make sure to do this work first to make everything move along quickly.

  • Go over your current website and remove any images you don’t want to use any more. Delete them from the site galleries so they don’t clutter the back end organization. Organize your best images at the top/front of your galleries.
  • Add new images to galleries – but organize each set of images in folders according to the type of session (weddings, headshots, families, etc), or however you intend to display them.
  • Make sure all contact information is correct on your contact page.

Please send me a document with this information:

  • The username and password to log in to your site (Good Gallery, WordPress, Wix, etc).
  • A list of the neighborhoods you frequent or want to target. Big cities usually have smaller neighborhoods and towns around them, we will optimize for both the big city AND the smaller surrounding towns.
  • A list of the venues you frequent or want to target – this could be a wedding venue, a park you often photograph portraits at, or a city attraction. Give me the image names of photos in your galleries that are at that location, or attach thumbnails, so I can identify which images were taken at which spot.
  • What are your goals – more portraits? Local wedding inquiries? Teaching?
  • What kind of style do you want the writing in? Formal? Casual?
  • Is there anything specific to your brand you think I should know?
  • Do you want me to write AS you – “I photograph weddings and portraits in Philadelphia” or write ABOUT you – “Jerry Ghionis is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Las Vegas” for your page content?


Claim or set up your Google My Business account, if you haven't already: https://www.google.com/business/

Reach out with any questions!

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